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For many who come to the Mohawk Valley region for work, the quiet lifestyle and easy access to major cities keeps them there. Both Rome and Utica make ideal places to work and play. The region benefits from a low cost of living, a strategic location, and a sophisticated transportation network. With highways east to west and north to south, canals and harbors, rail and air transportation, the Mohawk Valley is at the epicenter of major commercial centers of Boston, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Chamber Members are Here for You!

Members of the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce represent almost every industry in the region and are a valuable resource to all who live in and visit the area. Whether you are planning to stay or are relocating to the area, we encourage you to take advantage of everything that Chamber members have to offer. Find them by accessing our complete Member Directory.

Business & Industry

The Mohawk Valley has numerous advantages for companies looking to start a business or expand. A low-cost of living and good quality of life are noted as encouraging new business investment in the area. Whether it is advanced manufacturing, bioscience or cyber security, a variety of business sectors combine to support job growth and research innovation. Some of the most cutting edge technology, including nanotechnology and micro-chip manufacturing, are moving forward in Mohawk Valley. These key factors make the Mohawk Valley a great place to start, continue and succeed.

With a diversely skilled workforce, affordable cost of living, and a variety of strong industry sectors, the Mohawk Valley can provide for any company’s needs. Employers in the Mohawk Valley have access to a large, capable workforce. The community has embraced higher education and workforce development. The Mohawk Valley is looking to the future by investing time and resources to train the workforce in our target industries like manufacturing, information technology, health care and financial services.

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Education has always been the cornerstone of life in the Mohawk Valley. Since the early 1800s, when the area was first settled, there has been a focus on learning, exemplified by the work of James Fenimore Cooper. Over the past 200, years excellence in education has continued with opportunities for students of all ages and backgrounds.

All the schools in the Mohawk Valley provide the comprehensive programs needed to meet the academic and special education needs of students. State accredited schools include public, private, parochial, the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), and the New York State School for the Deaf in Rome.

The Mohawk Valley has a wide variety of higher education institutions; find them by accessing our Member Directory searching with the keyword: Education

Health Care 

A tradition of caring, state-of-the-art medical technology and outstanding medical facilities continue to expand and assure Mohawk Valley residents first-class health care. A wide variety of healthcare facilities, ranging from large medical complexes to small medical practices, provide the region with a respected healthcare environment that meets the needs of its residents.

Explore our Membership Directory to learn more about healthcare services in the region.

Charitable Organizations

There are a number of charitable organizations available to residents of the Mohawk Valley.

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Real Estate

The Mohawk Valley’s housing options are as varied as the region itself, making it a unique and wonderful place to live, work, raise a family or grow a business.

Often real estate costs are measured in terms of “affordability.” The Mohawk Valley has been cited as one of the best housing values in the northeast, with money going farther and home prices are remaining more stable than the rest of the country.  Within the Mohawk Valley, there is such diversity that one can choose from urban living to rural/country settings. There are single family residences, multi-family units, seasonal get-always, condos, and large acreage residential setting. Live on a picturesque village street, a Victorian urban home or the many small communities in the Mohawk Valley, the choice is yours.

Because of the accessible highway system, with Albany 90 miles east, Syracuse 50 miles west, Binghamton 80 miles south, and the Canadian border 100 miles north, the region exemplifies that real estate axiom… “location, location, location.” There are also excellent commercial real estate opportunities for an individual with entrepreneurial spirit or a major company wishing to relocate.

A rich architectural history, friendly folds and the conveniences of good roads, great schools, clean air and water all combine to offer a superb quality of life in the Mohawk Valley.

Contact real estate agents, builders, and financial institutions listed in the Member Directory or The Greater Utica Board of Realtors.

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