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Government Affairs/Economic Development Council

Council Chair: Pat Becher, Mohawk Valley Water Authority

About the Council:

The Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce is the one unified voice for your business in government. It actively develops and promotes policy positions on critical issues impacting the business community, as well as continuously asserts its role as the leading business organization in the state on your behalf on all levels of government. The Government Affairs/Economic Development Council addresses the key issues that have the greatest impact on small business. This council keeps members informed of pertinent legislative issues and communicates members’ concerns to our elected officials. 

A fundamental component of the Chamber’s mission is to advocate the views of the business community to our elected officials. This is done by engaging elected officials in meaningful policy discussions. The Government Affairs/Economic Development Council identifies, researches, develops and recommends positions and the Legislative Agenda to the Chamber Board of Directors for approval. This council meets monthly to guide the Chamber in its public policy positions, such as representing the best interests of business through candidate screening and endorsement process.

Council meets at 8:30 am on the last Friday of each month at the Chamber.

Economic Development through our Legislative Agenda
The Board of Directors of the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce has established an assertive and clearly defined Legislative Agenda. The foundation for our actions is evident through our focus on four pillars of Economic Development within our region:

  • Responsible Government Budget
  • Efficient Government Structure
  • Infrastructure
  • Regionalization

We advocate for the membership through our Legislative Agenda, recognizing that we are the unified voice of our business community. The Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce is concerned with New York’s current state of affairs and recognizes that many issues affecting business here in the Utica area are a result of policies being generated in Albany.

Since 2008, our Chamber has established Public Policy positions seeking reform; supporting or opposing measures being proposed by the local, regional, state, and federal government. The Greater Utica Chamber is the only pro-business organization in Central New York with such an emphasis on its Legislative Agenda. Click here for a listing of the most recent Public Policy Positions.

Greater Utica Chamber works with a variety of affiliates in its efforts to stimulate growth across the region.